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  • 4-Channel Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator
  • 4-Channel Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator

4-Channel Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator

Model: KL180-4K

  • Remote Control Duplicator - 4-Channel Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator
  • Remote Control Duplicator - 4-Channel Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator

Dual-Core Solution, Inside Out Quality

Unlike most solutions in the market today requiring additional steps while copying, our product is fast-copy enabled, which means you can just focus on the things you want to do, saving you a lot of time and money.

Fast-Copy Enabled, Just Focus On Copy

As part of our quality promise, we use Feeling® 8PS53E microprocessor and ATMEL® storage unit in our solution, which provides enhanced performance and stability. SAW resonator is also used to ensure the performance even after years of use.
Description Shenzhen Kelvin 4-Channel Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator suitable for cars, gates, garage door openers, barriers, home security systems, etc.

This gadget operates at 433.92MHz frequency (IMPORTANT: leave us a message along with order if you want 315MHz or other frequency), capable of copying most fixed code or learning code RF remote controls face to face, so you will always have a backup remote control.

Please note that the frequency band 286MHz to 400MHz can't be used in the EU, which means you're likely to use a 433.92MHz / 418MHz / 868MHz remote control if you are in EU.

t's very useful to duplicate original remote transmitters to reduce costs, despite the potentials, our learning remote control duplicator is less expensive than original devices.

Easy programming, wide variety of remote controls managed, together with the low cost, making our learning remote control duplicator very much appreciated by the end user and very popular in the market worldwide.

IC compatibility list

  • PT2240 / PT2242
  • 2260 / 2262 / 2264
  • EV1527 / FP527
  • HT12D / HT12E
  • HT600 / HT640 / HT680
  • HT6010 / HT6012 / HT6013 / HT6014 / HT6207
  • AX5026-1 / AX5026-2 / AX5026-3 / AX5026-4
  • AX5326-3 / AX5326-4
  • SMC918 / MC145026

Key features

  • > Prevents loss and replaces your old remote controls
  • > Self learning remote control
  • > Used in car alarms, home alarms, panic buttons, garage doors, rolling curtains and more
  • > Copies most radio frequency fixed code remote controls
  • > Learning face to face in seconds

NOTICE: Please check your existing remote control with our compatibility list before ordering.

Product Parameters 


Antenna type: Internal
Transmitting distance: >40m / 131.23 ft. at 433.92MHz (open space, line of sight)
Operating frequency: 433.92MHz (crystal-controlled) / Customized frequency available for volume order
Frequency synthesizer: SAW resonator for fixed frequency model, with stability better than 75KHz from the center frequency
Learning mode: Original code is learned automatically, notifying the result through the LED built-in
Channels: 4
Color: Black with metallic frame
Material: ABS / Metallic ABS
Button number: 4

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